About the Program

Southern Methodist College is excited to announce our new opportunity to partner with the on-going ministry of the Bible Community Churches in the Philippines by aiding their pastors in formal Wesleyan-Arminian Bible Training. Pastors who are interested will be able to take place in a one-year Bible Certification Program through our online program, specifically designed with their ministry needs in mind. To aid with the financial costs of attending classes, we have created the Adopt-a-Pastor-Program. We are inviting churches and individuals to be a part of the ministry of Southern Methodist College as well as the ministry of the Community Churches in the Philippines by making a commitment to adopt a pastor.

Program Details

By signing up for our program, you or your church will be committing to a donation of $100 a month over the length of a year or 12 months. You will receive a picture of the pastor you are supporting along with the name of his church and his contact information. We encourage you to pray for him and to directly correspond with him. We also ask that you consider sending care packages or a Christmas gift as you are able.

Getting Involved

If you feel led to aid in the expansion of God’s Kingdom through this ministry, please contact Vic Reasoner at vreasoner@smcollege.edu or by phone at 803-534-7826 ext. 102.