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Dr. Vic Reasoner

           On August 23rd we launched our online education delivery system. The first term has concluded and we started the second term on October 23. Each term lasts eight weeks. This means that prospective students need not wait out a full semester to get on board.
            We have a team of seven players. There are three administrators: Dr. Richard Blank, Dr. John Hucks, and myself. We have four support staff: Jason Bailey, Groundskeeper; Hannah Hucks, Administrative Assistant, Christine Gaskin, Librarian, and Shekhinah Courson, IT Director. Because of their commitment and expertise, the transition has gone without a hitch. We also contract with adjunct professors, such as Rev. John Courson, to teach specific courses online.
            In fact, the only real hitch we have had was when hurricane Matthew paid a visit to our campus. Essentially, we were shut down the week of October 8-15. We still have big trees down on campus, although insurance claims have been filed. However, we are thankful that the campus did not sustain any structural damage and that no one on campus was injured.
            While it is no longer necessary to move to Orangeburg to enroll in Southern Methodist College, some of you who read this article may still be procrastinating. Southern Methodist College can help you prepare for Christian life and service wherever you might live. I want you to hear from several of our online students:
            From Rawlin Booth, Aynor, South Carolina: This course [History of Civilization I] has been helpful for me to understand where and why so many cultures and belief systems has originated. The course has given much insight as to how God does work in the affairs of people and what He is going to do in the future. Being able to listen to the lectures and read at my own convenience has enabled me to advance on my degree that may not have occurred otherwise.
            From Susan Kuehne, Deland, Florida: I highly recommend Southern Methodist College online classes.  The format is easy to use and I like the fact that I can view classroom sessions online. SMC is a convenient and very affordable way to complete your degree.
            From Tineke van Loenen, Bartow, Georgia: I am very impressed at how easy the online program is. I was really nervous about taking any online classes because I didn’t think that I could do it. I thought that I would forget to watch the videos and forget to turn in the homework. I really like the in-classroom courses. However, so far I have found that I should have never worried.
            From Mishael Guingab, Cabagan, Philippines: I have very much enjoyed the online classes that I have taken from Southern Methodist College so far. The professors are really good in terms of delivering their lectures and you could see how passionate they are about what they are teaching. They are also very quick to respond if you have any questions regarding the course that you are taking. For me, the online program that the college is offering is very convenient for those that are not able to come on campus or for those that are working because the classes are available to watch anywhere and anytime. Overall, my online class experience has been really great and I have very much enjoyed and learned from them. The online classes are really easy to take. You can pause the video if needed, and even rewind the video if you have missed something. You can watch the video at your own pace and take notes too. I am enjoying the online classes. This is my first time taking an online class and I have liked it so far. I look forward to taking more.
            We now have the capability to accept electronic payments from our students and donations from our friends and supporters. Miss Hannah Hucks, our Administrative Assistant, can key in your credit card or debit card account number on-line, or swipe your card or read your chip in her office on campus. However, she needs some practice. Our new telephone number for financial transactions is (803) 215-5422. So please bombard her with electronic transactions. Thank you!

Dr. Vic Reasoner, College President

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